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Is a Skedaddle Franchise right for you?

We are a unique, one-of-a-kind, humane wildlife control franchise. Our franchisees remove nuisance animals, prevent future entry and restore or mitigates attic insulation damage. We are the dominant brand in Canada, now expanding into the USA market. If it has fur or feathers, is inside or under a home or business – we restore humans in their home, animals to their den.

Are you a proven entrepreneur, an executive, or seeking a better life? Looking a niche business with a unique twist? Our business is earth and animal-friendly that provides the ideal platform for you to leverage your personal convictions while making money. Both residential and commercial consumers “need” this service. Urban wildlife invasions are an ever-growing occurrence as humans populations encroach on animal’s habitat. Ready to learn more?


There’s three levels of commitment or interest with your investigation of the Skedaddle franchise opportunity: Snorkelling, Scuba and Deep Sea Diving. Which one is right for you, right now?


You skim the surface, you’re able to peer into a fascinating world of the watery deep. It’s safe, quick, easy – and you really don’t get very wet. In other words, if you just browse our website. This is OK if you’re not ready yet and you still have some reservations or other factors that haven’t aligned yet. That’s fine START HERE


What if you’re ready for a more concerted effort – you get out the scuba gear. You get the wetsuit on and take a deeper plunge. Although this is a better approach to a franchise investigation, you’re still in safe waters and are getting some, but not ALL the facts about our awesome brand. This is better START HERE

Deep Sea Diving

Deep sea diving is serious business – you go all the way to the bottom. Why? Because this is where the buried treasure is. Only those willing to take it this far are rewarded. So here’s where you purposefully connect with us, get all your questions answered and determine if our franchise is for you. If this is your intention then START HERE


Our “Franchise Information Kit” will provide you with a great overview and sufficient detail to whet your appetite for more. It is a great place to start your exploration of our unique brand. Get a free FRANCHISE INFORMATION KIT.

Learn more about how franchising the Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control business can change your life today. Get a free FRANCHISE INFORMATION KIT. Contact us: 1-877-662-2877. Fill out the form and start your journey.

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