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Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is Canada's largest wildlife removal and exclusion company and has been in business since 1989. Given the established and growing clientele, the company can give a new franchise owner a great head-start. We are offering a turn-key start-up solution, as well as the benefit of many years of franchise knowledge on your side. Our name is synonymous to exceptional service.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and materials, which puts our promise of quality head and shoulders above the competition. We deliver on these promises by:

  • answering phones promptly, listening respectfully and suggesting solutions professionally through our dedicated customer service representatives
  • showing up to jobs on time as promised
  • offering a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and materials
  • providing hands-on removal and prevention techniques that we pioneered which has superior results to trapping or illegal relocation

Click here for a detailed presentation on Urban Wildlife and our services for the Town of Oakville presentation

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the preferred choice by many Humane Societies and SPCAs because we care about wildlife and the environment.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has established itself as the industry leader in the wildlife removal and exclusion field. What started out as a single service vehicle back in 1989, is now a fleet of 35 across Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec. To say that we are a known brand is an understatement.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the brand to franchise because of our solid reputation in the industry, our strong marketing arm and an easy-to-execute business model that consistently yields a high volume of sales. Experience is not required – our training and support programs are the best in the industry.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been in business since 1989. We are trusted, known and respected. The demand for non-lethal urban wildlife control services is growing. We are part of That Franchise Group that includes six home service brands; a growing empire with over 400 franchise operators and annual system wide sales/revenue in excess of 100 million dollars.

Outstanding marketing support and proven management systems. With minimal supplies and few employees you can realize high profit business quickly. Join our team and become part of the service industry, one of the largest sectors of the economy and discover the freedom and flexibility of business ownership.

Market Opportunity

As lethal trapping and harvesting methods become increasing unacceptable to the environmentally friendly public, humane wildlife control industry is growing. The Wall Street Journal reports that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on nuisance wildlife control. The opportunity for success is already there. It is just waiting for you to grab it. Wildlife Control is a recession proof business. Animals don't realize the economy is tough. Homeowners in times of recession retreat to their castle and spend less on vacations and luxury items. They protect their main investment, their home. When animals threaten that investment they must take care of the problem.

"The Economic damage in the U.S. from all forms of wildlife damage is conservatively estimated to be about $22 billon" - National Wildlife Management Professional Association

"Urban expansion is also encroaching on wildlife habitats everywhere. Increasingly people live and work in close proximity to wild animals whose native habitats have been lost or broken up. Many animals—from mice and cockroaches to pigeons and squirrels—have adapted to city life, taking advantage of abundant food and warmer temperatures." - National Geographic

"Humans are helping these animals evolve and are pressuring them to survive our environments. And it turns out that raccoons are just these perfect little urban warriors" - Suzanne MacDonald, York University

"A lion might be the king of the jungle, but in the urban jungle, it's all about the raccoon." -National Geographic

"Raccoon populations in some cities are roughly 150 per square kilometre Raccoons use up to 20 den sites at a time Raccoon territories average around three square blocks. They prefer backyards to parks." - CBC "The Nature of Things with David Suzuki"

"Some estimate about 100 raccoons per square kilometre, but that's probably a bit low. Contrary to popular belief, raccoons aren't lonesome animals, and if you think you have one, you probably have 10. "There are way more of them than you think," - Suzanne MacDonald, York University

"Raccoons have no predators, except cars. But through studying the creatures, she has learned that raccoons are smart enough to rarely cross major roadways and mostly spend their whole lives in their (our) neighbourhoods. They're using fences as highways, and they're all on the highway at the same time," - Suzanne MacDonald, York University

"Male and female rats can have sex 20 times a day and can potentially produce 15,000 offspring a year." - National Geographic

Low Buy In
High Yield

Business Model

The investment cost associated with any franchise covers materials and training. But more than what you get in return for your buy in is the fact that you are associating yourself with a nationally known brand. Skedaddle Humane Wildilfe Control already has brand recognition throughout Canada for resolving urban wildlife conflicts in the most humane, effective way possible. Top it off with built-in demand for the service and our unique lifetime guarantee, and you've got a formula for business success that can't be beat.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers a franchise opportunity in your area for an affordable buy-in rate. With our established operating model, successful track record and respected name, your chances for longevity, profit and overall success are high.

Be in Business for yourself but not by yourself

If you're new to the world of franchising, it may sound complicated…even scary. Having the right information on-hand can make a world of difference.

As a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control franchisee, you will get the professional support you need plus the training to get you on the right track to operating the franchise. But for those burning questions you may have about franchising, you can refer to the answers below. We've also compiled some useful articles to help you evaluate if this is the right step for you to take to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We offer the Skedaddle Help line 24/7, with over 25 years of experience just a phone call away.

Franchising Articles


  • Will I get financing from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control?

    Skedaddle does not provide financing for franchisees, but the company can help you arrange excellent sources of financing to help you.

  • TWO WEEKS of training

    Yes! Skedaddle provides one week of classroom-style and hands-on training in Hamilton, Ontario. The training includes general management, administration, operations, marketing, removal techniques, and wildlife behaviour.

    You will not feel left alone, because we also offer ongoing support. The support team works with you on your task list even before you get to the center. We continue to offer support all throughout the opening and various phases of your business. A yearly convention and ongoing training activities will keep you in close contact with our team. You have direct access to members of our support team whenever you need us. We understand that our ability to communicate and work with you has a direct effect on our and your success.

  • How Do Territories Work?

    The creation of territories is based on a combination of median family income, single family homes, and population per area.

  • What Is My Monthly Royalty/Franchise Fee & Marketing Fee?

    Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has a standard monthly royalty fee based on the number of vehicles on the road. The royalty fee is not deducted from your gross sales. We encourage and work with our franchisees to help them increase their sales per truck, lowering royalty to gross sales percentage. There is a national ad fund that each franchisee contributes into an account. The fund is utilized to promote Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control on a national level.

  • How Much Can I Expect To Make?

    The money you make is up to you. It solely depends on how much effort a franchisee puts into his or her investment. As part of the due diligence process, qualified candidates are allowed to contact our franchise operators directly. Our franchise operators can tell you about their experiences with the company.

  • What Is Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control's Competitive Advantage?

    Our advantage over competitors is our superb customer service! We provide our business partners with quality customer service from application to running the business. We also understand who we are, helping us to easily sell and market our brand.


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