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Business Training

Once you’ve decided to join our franchise team, bringing you that much closer to realizing your dream of owning your own business, our Support Team will take over and guide you through the process of opening and operating your own location.

Phase 1: Pre-Opening Phase

  • Introductory conference call with Home Office staff
  • Introduction to pre-opening checklist and pre-opening manual
  • Timeframe creation for all members of the team
  • Scheduled calls from Home Office staff to keep you and your team on task

Phase 2: Pre-Training Phase

  • Full access to online sales training course: a self-directed, interactive and one-on-one coaching course to educate and train you and your team.
  • A hands-on approach to training: we’ll show you how it’s done vs. telling you how it’s done
  • We’ll assist you in improving your relationship-building skills; train you to successfully convert calls into property assessments; and work towards building an effective marketing service.
  • Continuing conference calls from Support Team

Phase 3: Live Training Class at Home Office

  • We have a training house that has all the real life situations you will encounter in a controlled environment suited to educate you on the skills required
  • Intense 2 week training class focused on the execution of the business model
  • Breakdown of business model: How it relates to outside sales: Marketing, advertising, web marketing strategy, and local community marketing; and inside sales: estimating and job closure, administrative office procedures, managing of capacity, tracking inside sales, practical and safety training, among others
  • Review of general management; financial evaluation and pricing; cash-flow planning; sales and expense tracing
  • Learn from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control founder and industry pioneer, Bill Dowd, as he shares his experience owning and operating a location.

Phase 4: Opening & Continued Support of Location

  • Completion of all equipment needed and vehicle procurement
  • Completion of regulation requirements, insurance and business permits, infrastructure and ensuring all checklist items are ready
  • Continued support and conference calls from Support Team.

If you are interested in working with us, please complete the sign up form so we can send you more information and start you on your journey to becoming your own boss