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Free Stuffs

Who doesn't like free? Every organization has a personality, a spirit, a vibe, a way of operating. We believe in the principle of Abundance. In fact, the entire franchise community follows that principle. We share and so do our fellow franchisors - we rarely compete. We seek what is in yours and our franchisees best interest. So, here are several FREE tools for you to use as you learn about our brand.

Franchise Information Kit

Our Franchise Information Kit will provide you with a great overview and sufficient detail to whet your appetite for more. It is a great place to start your exploration of our unique brand. You will find that every franchise has one. Ours will give you a ton of information and is completely free. Just select if you want a digital version now or a physical copy sent to you in the mail.

The Best Ever, Down & Dirty, Quick-Read Guide to Investigate a Franchise

The purpose of this handy guidebook is to cut through all the red tape and get directly to the heart of the matter. There are four sections. Two chapters deal with getting your head into the game. Two that have practical, real-world information about checking out our franchise.

You may only read the section that applies to the phase of your current investigation. That works. Come back and read more when or if you need it. This isn’t a novel, it a guidebook. Download your free copy The Best Ever, Down & Dirty, Quick-Read Guide to Investigate a Franchise

Need some info on loans?

Will you require a business loan? Find out now if you are prequalified for a franchise or business investment. Click here for your FREE pre-qualification.

Skedaddle Activity Coloring Book

Is your family is behind you in your pursuit of your dream? Getting children excited about protecting animals and our environment is part of our mission. McDonald's has their happy meal - We have the Skedaddle Activity Coloring Book for children. Download your free copy.

Get in touch with us

When and if your are ever ready to book a phone call, Skype or Google Hangouts video call, just let us know.