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A Day in the Life

Why I Chose the Skedaddle Brand? – Andrew Wheelock, Halifax & Truro, Nova Scotia

"I started in the structural pest control industry in 2011 and quickly received requests from customers to service wildlife control needs at their homes and businesses. Without the knowledge and expertise to effectively and humanely handle wildlife control problems, I often declined the work and was left feeling as though I had missed a business opportunity to both serve my customer and grow my business."

"As a Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control franchise, I now have the systems and solutions to be a full-service pest & wildlife control operator. Having joined Canada’s leader in Humane Wildlife Control my staff and I can better serve our residential and commercial accounts with proven techniques that deliver results, both to the customer and my bottom line."

What benefits does the brand deliver?

"Without question, the skills I have learned through being a part of the Skedaddle team have made me a much stronger pest control professional. I have learned to think more about the structure and behaviour of the pest or animal, giving my customers a higher level of service.

This franchise opportunity excels in many areas including marketing, use of technology, safety training and systems, and industry-leading humane methodology. I have been involved in numerous franchises over the past 20 years and the support delivered by all at head office is second to none.

The franchise opportunities to provide highly profitable, value-added services to any type of customer surprise me every day. I can now recognize the potential to add rodent proofing solutions to a customer who has an ant problem. The possibilities to help a customer realize a pest free environment are endless.

The real satisfaction working with Skedaddle lies in the appreciation from the customers when you help solve their problems in a humane and ethical manner. You can see their happiness when you save a bird or a baby racoon from their attic. You can sense their relief when you fix their home or business and solve a problem that has plagued them for years."

-Andrew Wheelock,
Skedaddle Franchise
Owner, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada