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Media & Interviews

As the industry leader, Skedaddle is often called upon to help educate the community on local news stories, events, & encounters. This is due to our 30 years of knowledge and success in the industry as well as our reputation as being a leader in wildlife control.

For us, staying connected to the news and media environment helps us tell our story and share our mission of impacting the wildlife control industry. It also produces content for potential customers to know who we are and what we do. Below you will find some of our latest news stories, Skedaddle content and hear from our franchisees.. Listen or watch - do what is best for you. Come back later and review more, it’s your choice.

The ultimate question you have or will ask yourself is “Can I see myself doing this?” The videos will help you answer this vital question.

Miscellaneous Educational Videos

Interested in a variety of videos about our services? These cover animal behavior, TV & radio interviews and special reports. Here are a few we suggest you explore...