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Wildlife Removal Services

Wild animals can be cute and charming, but not when they break into a home and start causing material damage. When that happens, human inhabitants are left to wonder how to remove the intruder, repair any problems that resulted from the break-in and prevent similar occurrences in the future. In some areas, this is a frequent issue that requires a systematic solution. Skedaddle Wildlife is specialized for removal of many different species of animals from houses and other structures, ensuring that each animal is treated in a humane way while the home is fully protected from unwanted visitors.

As opposed to companies that simply lay traps and try to catch the animal, Skedaddle takes a more methodical approach that includes three distinct steps: Assess & Remove, Clear & Clean, Prevent & Protect. First of all, the technician needs to make a realistic assessment of the situation and answer several key questions pertaining to the kind of animals causing problem, likely points of entry into the home, degree of contamination of the living space, etc. It often takes a lot of hard work to get a complete picture, since it’s necessary to check basements, crawl spaces, attics and other inaccessible parts of the home to determine their vulnerability. Once the situation is well understood, the technician is able to come up with a working plan how to safely remove the animal from the premises.

Of course, there remains the issue of fixing the damage to the home and returning it to a fully habitable condition. Parts of the house that were infiltrated by the animals are thoroughly disinfected to remove any leftover urine, fur or other potentially contaminating material. In some instances, the infrastructure (i.e. electrical cables, insulation, air-conditioning system…) could be compromised, our well-trained personnel will advise the client whether more extensive repairs are necessary. Finally, when the present situation is resolved, we turn our eyes towards the future and implement the measures necessary to ensure that all entrances usable by animals will be firmly closed. Thanks to the quality of its protective procedures, Skedaddle can offer a lifetime guarantee that the intruders won’t return again.

There are many different species of animals that sometimes invade homes, and Skedaddle Wildlife is well equipped to deal with them all. Mice are a common problem in urban as well as rural areas, the same could be said for other rodents such as squirrels. Skunks and raccoons are known to cause commotion and can be especially problematic since it’s hard to tell whether one of them might be carrying a disease such as rabies. Birds often nest in the roofs or chimneys, where they can endanger the integrity of the house by making it more susceptible to rain or snow. In all of the aforementioned cases, professional removal is preferable to reactive solutions if you intend to keep the animals out for good and eliminate the risks for your home and your family.

With nearly 25 years of experience with wildlife management, Skedaddle Wildlife understands the habits of each species very well, which enables us to promptly identify the best possible solution. Our methods are well tested and efficient, but they are also animal-friendly and in compliance with environmental regulations in all communities where we operate. We take pride in providing full coverage that includes urgent interventions as well as long-term protection, serving our customers in any way they might need. That’s why Skedaddle enjoys good reputation for quality and reliability of its services that is widely respected in the industry circles, as well as among customers.