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Since you selected this option likely you’re actively searching for the ideal franchise, or you are comparing becoming a franchisee with buying an existing business. Cool. These options are best suited for a specific personality type. However, don’t be deterred from learning more if you are an Empire Builder or Proven Entrepreneur.

Franchisees are similar to a land developer. They see the plot of land with clarity and vision. Already, in their mind's eye, they can hear, smell and touch the end results. They’re builders, innovators and measured risk takers. A franchisee prefers to have support, structure and most importantly – effective marketing that makes the phone ring with qualified customers. It's all about brand. Most likely one territory is enough to reach your financial and lifestyle goals.



You can skim the surface and just browse our website. This is OK if you still have some reservations. See who we are and decide if you want to learn more. Learn More >>


What if you’re ready to take a deeper plunge? You will learn a lot more about franchises and Skedaddle but you are still deciding. Learn More >>

Deep Sea Diving

Deep sea diving is where you purposefully connect with us, get all your questions answered and determine if a Skedaddle franchise is for you. Learn More >>