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Franchise Factors

Why don’t I do this myself? Isn’t that one of the first questions you’ve asked? Or family and friends may ask the same question. Since you are smart, resourceful and well funded, do you want to spend your time building and creating a business or in executing a proven model? Great franchisees execute first and innovate second. Read this article to review if you fit the franchisee personality and mindset. Are You a Clydesdale, A Mustang or a Thoroughbred?

We’ve been perfecting and improving our wildlife removal techniques since 1989.

  • Our marketing methods and call centre get your phone to ring and then schedules appointments for you.
  • Think about the brand value of McDonalds versus Bills Burger Barn. Which one will have more resale value 10 years from now? Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a great, known brand.
  • Training to remove critters, safely training your technicians, training you and your salesperson to close appointments at your client's locations.
  • Franchises, in general, have an 85% rate of success. Independent business start-ups have an 85% failure rate.

We could go on-and-on, you get the picture.