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Transitioning Your Career Into Entrepreneurship

Envision three cups on a table. Each cup is a representation of a part of your life which are:

Making Money – For others, making money is their primary goal. For some people, money is only a means to a certain goal they are not intent to earn more. Are you more intent on turning a quick profit, or are you willing to wait and grow a business that has more value in the future? Ask yourself ‘how do I think and feel about money?

Passion – Defining passion is complicated. It is split into two groups. One group has a burning love for what they do and seek fulfillment in the service or product they deliver, and the job. The people in this group believe that doing what you love is important then the profits will follow. Based on our experience, this individual associates who they are with what they do. The other group feels the thrill and excitement of being a business owner. They love being in business in itself. In such cases, what the business is lies secondary to what it can do for them. Even if they own a janitorial business, we know it’s boring, it does not matter to them. What is important is that they are thrilled at operating and growing their own business. Another person may be a tutor, but they are thrilled at affecting the life of even just one child.

Quality of Life – This is difficult to define. Each individual has different needs and issues that are represented by phrases like:

  • I want to stay flexible over my time.
  • I want to stay close and work with my family.
  • I want to choose the people I work with.
  • I need to have full control over big decisions, and not be forced to follow plans that I think won’t be successful.
  • I want to be the master of my destiny.
  • I’m willing to be accountable for my decisions.

What other characteristics would you describe as vital life factors?

In this practice exercise for potential franchisees, we ask them what they want to do if they only have 10 tokens to place in these 3 cups to represent the importance of each category. As an example, if profits are vital to you, put more tokens into that cup. The other tokens must then be split between the two cups. The last activity is related to something we call the primary diver.

Which of the three factors need to come first for the others to take place? This exercise helps you discover if Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the perfect business partner for you. By determining and defining these issues, you will discover the best way to change careers.